The world of code is constantly changing, but WordPress continues to be the most user-friendly content management system (CMS) out there. That’s why it’s the world’s most popular CMS, and why we chose WordPress as the focus of our business. Because we’re specialized exclusively on WordPress, we can give 100% of our attention to the platform’s trends, plugins, security risks, and bugs. You can trust your WordPress website to us because we have expert level knowledge.


At WP Support and Maintenance, we’ve seen it all. We’ve designed, developed, and improved hundreds of WordPress websites, and we’ve helped business owners, graphic designers, and marketers solve a wide variety of WordPress frustrations. We’ve encountered – and resolved – almost every WordPress problem you can imagine. You can trust us to remedy any issue that you may encounter with your WordPress site.

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When you post a technical WordPress problem to a support forum, you might wait weeks for a response. Even if someone provides an answer, they might not be able to explain it in a way that you can understand. Our team of avid WordPress professionals won’t waste your time. WP Support and Maintenance provides solutions quickly, and are able to communicate technical processes in a way you can understand. That’s expert-level customer service.

WP Support and Maintenance‘s Goal

For better or worse, any website is only as good as it’s perceived to be. A poorly functioning website with bad design and bungled content will reflect poorly on your business and drive visitors away. The primary goal of WP Support and Maintenance is always to drive more leads to your business through excellent website functionality and enhanced user experience.

Why Choose WP Support and Maintenance?

  • Protect Your Investment

  • Increase Conversions with a Better Functioning Website

  • Have Peace of Mind that your Website is Running Smoothly

  • We Have WordPress Experts Ready to Assist You

  • We Provide Reliable Service with Exceptional Customer Support

  • We Perform all Work in the USA

  • We Provide Hassle-free Support

  • You’ll be Able to Manage Your Website Effortlessly

  • Save Time so You Can Focus on What You Love

  • We’ll Not Only Solve Your Problems, We’ll Explain and Educate

  • You’ll Need One Less Xanax


As much as we may think we can, we didn’t put 100% because we’re humans… working with technology.


Resolving On-site Errors 98%
WordPress Website Development 95%
WordPress Hosting 95%
WordPress Website Design 95%
WordPress Website Security 93%
WordPress Plugin Support 85%
Paige Wiese - WordPress Support and Maintenance Founder and CEO

Paige Wiese

Founder & CEO

Paige Wiese has started, grown, and developed WP Support and Maintenance, a top-ranked WordPress development agency. Under her leadership, the agency has created, developed, and supported hundreds of WordPress websites. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in IT, with a concentration in Website Design in which she graduated with honors.

Paige has been working with business owners, authors, and organizations for over a decade, fulfilling their WordPress design, development, and support needs. In an effort to give back, she donates her time to the business community by teaching educational WordPress workshops and mentoring through speaking engagements. Paige spends her personal time rock climbing, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Connie DiCenso - WordPress Support and Maintenance Customer Support

Connie DiCenso

WordPress Customer Support Manager

Our clients immediately feel at ease with our Customer Support Manager Connie DiCenso, because she also navigated the difficult path of business ownership. Employing her business and accounting degrees, Connie opened and operated a successful cafe in Springfield, IL and has worked for nonprofits as a director and board member. The compassion and understanding she offers our clients is rooted in her inspiration to help people create and surpass their goals. Connie instantly adapted to the Colorado lifestyle, actively engaging in its outdoor pursuits.

Veronica Holyfield - WordPress Support and Maintenance Customer Support

Veronica Holyfield

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Nothing helps a business run smoother than an executive assistant who runs the show. Veronica Holyfield, WP Support and Maintenance’s Jill-of-All-Trades, has extensive experience in media, marketing and management, and is passionate about stories and brand development. It is easy to see why Veronica is the perfect right-hand woman for Paige, she has the uncanny ability to make life easier. Great for us and for our clients. Veronica is a focused and passionate advocate for queer, marginalized, and underrepresented voices in our community, seeking opportunities to elevate their lives.

Kayleigh Maijala


A marketing writer must balance communication and collaboration in order to drive a successful project. This is the space where our copy writer Kayleigh Maijala thrives. With over a decade of experience writing research driven digital content, Kayleigh expertly distills our clients’ internal and industry focused information into consumable content that supports business goals while resonating with customers. After spending much of her life living bi-coastal, Kayleigh settled in Arizona where the outdoor opportunities perfectly fit her adventurous lifestyle.

Kyle Weidner

WordPress Website Developer

Along with his web design chops, our WordPress Developer Kyle Weidner has several years experience working as a full-stack developer. Kyle has developed virtually every type of website for businesses both large and small. Kyle earned his B.S. in Computer Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver then planted roots in Colorado mostly to continue pursuing his outdoor interests and get to a Red Rocks concert whenever possible.

Lily Andros - WordPress Support and Maintenance Website Designer

Lily Andros

WordPress Designer

Creativity stirs the heart of our WordPress Designer, Lily Andros. Whether she’s building out and tweaking the padding around an About Us page or managing the functionality of a complex, e-commerce website, Lily sees the creative process as a way to solve every problem. This passion shows in her many hobbies as well, whether she’s learning new guitar chords or finding that perfect sewing stitch. Originally from Orlando, she and her pets easily adapted to mile-high living.

Tony Garcia - WordPress Support and Maintenance Website Hosting Support Specialist

Tony Garcia

WordPress Hosting and Support Specialist

After we build your WordPress website, it’s time for our Website Hosting Support Specialist Tony Garcia to do his magic. Tony is an installation and maintenance wizard, keeping our clients’ websites online as well as handling their website, email, and server issues. Tony has a love for graphic design and video editing, earning his BA in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Colorado. A Colorado native, he is passionate about Denver sports teams but not a fan of the state’s winter sports – he’s never been skiing.

Melissa McQueen

WordPress Development and Design

Melissa McQueen, our Website Development and Design specialist, thrives at the intersection where art meets function. With her extensive background in graphic design, web design and marketing, Melissa works to express a client’s brand through their website in a way that highlights and elevates their products and services. A Kansas native, Melissa moved to Colorado to photograph its beauty and find its hidden waterfalls.

Nick Long - WordPress Support and Maintenance Hosting Server Technician

Nick Long

WordPress Hosting and Support Specialist

Longtime computer enthusiast Nick Long is Tree Ring Digital’s Website Hosting Support Specialist. From debugging code to graphic design, Nick masterly handles the necessary facets that keep our clients’ websites up-and-running. Our clients also appreciate his WordPress skills, as he deftly fuses design flair with UX functionality. Nick is easily at home in the digital realm, whether building websites or mixing drum and bass beats as he is comfortable in nature, with a yen for woodworking and mountain climbing.


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